Assaf Shosan – Chambre Sam Art Projects

Created in 2009 by Sandra Hegedüs, SAM Art Projects is a non-profit organization which favors the artistic exchanges between the North and the South, between the East and the West. SAM Art Projects brings a financial and human support tp contemporary artists. its action articulates around a prize awarded every year to a French artist and around artists’ residences foreign to Paris. These two axes give rise to regular exposures in the Palace of Tokyo, in Paris.

This project of private philanthropy has for vocation to help, to promote and to defend at the same time the work of contemporary artists coming from non-western countries and the work of French artists wishing to realize an artistic project in a foreign country (off Europe and North America).

By creating footbridges and by developing artistic exchanges between the North and the South, between the East and the West, SAM Art Projects favors the emergence and the highlit of young artists stemming from countries situated outside of the big centers of the market of international art.


Assaf Shosan

Peines Partagées

The project “peines partagées” was born from meetings with spouses of prisoners, these women who say themselves ” locked outside “, sentenced to a punishment which is waiting. The paradox of this situation urged Shoshan to suggest playing the intermediaries in a new way – by suggesting to every member of the couple, on both sides of the walls of the prison of Rebibbia, sending a message to the other one. The photographer is the messenger of these films, intended for the spouses, offering them the opportunity to communicate by this way about the unspeakable things, buried by the too complex or painful feelings to express himself differently.


The look of the spectator confirms the separation of the lovers at the same time as it gathers them:the place of the couple from now on is the work. “Assaf Shoshan substitutes here a way of painting portrait which accepts straightaway that the physical envelope lets perceive nothing of other than a wait and an absence, an orientation towards an other one who is not present and that nothing comes to replace it, otherwise the intensity of waiting.”

Eric de Chassey