CAMERA CAMERA proposes a route from a room to another in search of images in movement and plastic works. Galleries will have the opportunity to surround diverse spaces of the hotel, the rooms in the garden including the hall and even the spa.

The gallery has the possibility to invest the given space, either in the Dark Room, with a large immersive video installation, or in the Light Room, where a specific project is thought according to the space, to a theme or to the artist who signed the room. In this variation, we invite the gallery owner to create a familiar or unusual universe. These rooms transformed for a playful walk in the hotel, favor exchanges between artists, collectors, gallery owners and visitors to enclose the Movimenta festival.

As OVNi did it previous years, the challenge with the gallery consists in associating the room which corresponds the best to its artistic proposal, to create an exhibition in situ original and ambitious.

We invite you to look at the slide show of OVNi 2016 as well as the one of 2015.

This lounge will so enclose the Movimenta festival of a beautiful way.